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Fresh Produce Box
Fresh Produce Box
Fresh Produce Box
Fresh Produce Box
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Fresh Produce Box

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Boxes are packed daily with the Midwest's freshest produce. Small size is perfect for 2 people, large size is great for up to 4 people. Each box will include a variety of produce such as: apples, bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, oranges, lemons, broccoli, onions, and other seasonal favorites.

  • Free next-day delivery on all orders placed Monday-Thursday by 3PM CST.
  • Deliveries go out on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Small Box: 2 people / Large Box: 3-4 people
  • Subscription only, cancel whenever you want with no fees! 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3699 reviews
    Wow a lot of produce

    Lots of produce in my first box, single person, I hope I can get it all used up in 2 weeks. Everything is fresh and healthy.

    First box arrived

    I have never seen a cauliflower as beautiful and fresh as the one I received. The box was full of great produce. Some of it I had never used, so its been an adventure. ex., fennel and fresh figs. I only received one item that I haven't liked in the past and that was a bag of fresh radishes. One books said that I could roast them, so I did. They carmelized a little, lost the bitterness and taste good. Fun to receive and couldn't ask for better quality. Next delivery, I will take a picture.

    Great stuff!

    Trying to eat more fruit and vegetables. Got my first box and very happy! New and different things I’m not familiar with to try and a great variety! Looking forward to box 2

    Best Produce ever!!

    I live alone and I got out of the habit of eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables, I think it had to do with taking the time picking them out at the grocery store, I just walked right by the produce department. When I saw the ad for home delivered produce I thought, this is perfect! I ordered and they delivered, I opened my box and I could have sat right down and started eating. This box of produce was beautiful, there was not one bruise, sent anything. I loved the big juicy blackberries, and the apples. I ate some fresh apples and then I made bran muffins and put a diced apple in the recipe. I used every single piece of produce. No waste whatsoever. I had all kinds of goodies, the cucumbers were the best I’ve ever had. This would make a great gift, anyone would be delighted to receive this!!

    First box

    Everything was very fresh it looked better then some that you get from the grocery store

    1st Box——love!

    I received my first box last week.
    I have to say I was so happy with the produce. I had beautiful dogs that were gone in a day, fresh veggies that absolutely delicious! I can’t wait for my 2nd box!


    I sure liked the box and the vegts and fruits were so good. I had one orange that was spoiled and when I peeled the onions they were both rotted in the midddle. I was happy with most of it and will continue. Happy with the service.

    Great produce!

    I’ve gotten 2 large boxes so far! i love the variety and freshness of the produce. Delicious! Def recommend GFP!