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About Us

GFP has been around since May of 2012 and originally called George Fourkas Produce Co., founded by George Fourkas. The company is specialized in selling fresh agricultural produce to Chicago’s finest restaurants. GFP's process is different from big companies in the market, as George is keen to send out all produce to restaurants fresh as soon as it has been purchased. The company would try to buy products that came in that day to send to his restaurants. Word spread quickly, and George created a name for himself amongst the high-end restaurants landing referral after referral between chefs. George Fourkas Produce Co. went from a one-man with a van operation to six employees with three trucks over the last few years.  

George knew he needed to act fast when the restaurant faced closures in 2020 due to the pandemic. Over the years George would have extra produce on the weekends that he would give to friends and family as little mixed boxes. He decided this was the perfect opportunity to offer his hand-picked freshest possible produce to the public. March 16th GFP Delivered was born.  The company is going from one strength to another with Anthony- Georges brother joining the company and leading the company marketing activities and logistics after his graduation. As a young entrepreneur, Anthony will be carrying many online and social media campaigns to ease the process of purchasing and delivering produce during COVID-19. 

GFP Delivered is different from all the other online produce companies because they can locally source produce from farms and markets, pack them in their USDA grade facility, and deliver to your door the next day. Most online companies focus on discounted produce, whereas GFP Delivered brings the same high-quality products they select for their top restaurants to your door.


"Once you see how long our products last compared to what you buy in the store, you’ll be wondering why you didn't switch to us sooner."


- George Fourkas

Fresh Produce Sourced, packed, delivered in 24 hours