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Fruit Box

Fruit Box

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This is our brand new Fruit Box! Only available for a limited time, for the next 6-8 weeks you'll be able to receive a wonderful selection of seasonal fruit every week! 

Please note that this item is a subscription only item. You can cancel and adjust delivery days after purchasing via our subscription portal!

We will be offering free delivery on this box, and orders will go out on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday. 

This weeks contents of the Fruit Box will be released every Sunday afternoon!

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Fruit Box

Everything was wonderful...except the watermelon. It was super mooshy and looked over ripe. I tried a bite just to make sure...and yup. No good. I was so sad, as I am a big watermelon lover. Other than complaints.


Everything was as fresh as I could expect it to be.

Hugely delicious!

Everything was great but the Sumo Citrus was immensely enjoyable. Totally unfamiliar to us before receiving this box, these gigantic easy-to-peel treasures have wrestled their way to the top of our favorites list.

We’ve tried other subscription fruit delivery but GFPDelivered is the best, hands down. The competition has been pushed out because of delivery problems; I’m sure that the products weren’t crushed or mashed or frozen when originally boxed and shipped. I’m not averse to imperfect fruit or produce that doesn’t fit grocery store standards. However, if it arrives in an inedible state, I don’t want it. If the shipping charges are equal to 30% of the cost of the box, I have to reassess the affordability of the subscription.

Occasionally we receive a fruit or vegetable that isn’t a favorite: family and friends are as eager to get it as we are to get our next delivery. We’re impressed with GFPDelivered and encourage others to sign up.

Fruit box

I receive the box in tack. However, when opened, one if the apples was very bruised in various parts. And, since I am an apple person, I was disappointed. Also, I am not a coconut person, I had to give them away. Overall, I am pleased.

Fruit Basket

I was pleased with most of the product with the exception of the Green pears? which were mushy. The plums were delicious & I wish there were more of them
I will order again!


I am very pleased with everything that came in my box ok will order more soon ok.

Great produce.. terrible delivery service

The fruit from last week was delicious as I always find it to be, but the inability of the delivery drivers to follow instructions is terrible.. I have contacted Veho and GFP about the problem a number of times and yet no matter how thorough the instructions are the drivers still just dump the box wherever they feel like it so as much as I enjoy the produce I am considering cancelling the service and just going back to finding time to go to the markets. I already pushed the produce back to once a month and this coming week will probably be my last fruit box.. with the weather warming up I am afraid this could create a real problem.. In the beginning the order came at the same time every week and the delivery was impeccable. Now.. well it's just a mess.

Such a good idea to do an all fruit box

We have been doing the regular box for some time and when I saw they had an all fruit box I had to try it, I have a 2 1/5 year old boy who loves fruit and I love how fresh and yummy everything is and we get to try different fruits because sometimes I get stuck on what he likes but when he's exposed to different ones he definitely likes to try. Best box!